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PostICU, Inc. cofounder James Cannon contracted PICS as a result of a 2005 quadruple heart bypass operation that went bad. Before regaining consciousness, he suffered a cardiac tamponade and a cardiac arrest and endured a second open heart surgery to repair an internally bleeding artery. He awoke 18 hours later and spent 8 days in the hospital, mostly in the ICU. His PICS symptoms appeared during his first year of recovery, and many continue today.


After his operation, Jim closed his business, retired, and moved to rural Corvallis, Oregon, where he tends his garden and his PICS with his wife and dog. He met co-founder Rob Rainer in a chance encounter following an inquiry Jim made to After the ICU in Boston, where his fellow PICS survivor volunteered.

Prior to his heart operation at 56 years old, Jim was an independent public policy analyst specializing in energy and environmental issues for more than three decades. He wrote a number of books, presented dozens of professional papers, and researched and edited two periodicals. He consulted with government and industry leaders in over 20 countries and testified before the U.S. Congress six times. He holds an AB degree in chemistry from Princeton University and an MS degree in biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Please visit Jim's Corner for an in-depth look at PICS from the perspective of a patient who has been researching PICS for over 15 years. 

Rob Rainer


In 2015, Rob Rainer, then 54, spent 2 months, including 4 weeks on a ventilator in a coma, hospitalized with a rare and usually deadly strain of pneumonia. During much of this time, he lived in a horrifying delirium of hallucinations and nightmares, which forced the ICU staff to restrain him and ICU staff safe.

Rob had 3 surgeries to repair herniated disks in his neck and lower back, which were damaged while he struggled against his restraints. He left the hospital 75 pounds lighter, with scarred lungs, cataracts, hearing loss, thyroid cancer, and a full range of PICS symptoms including the repercussions of delirium +.

Two months after leaving the ICU, Rob tried to return to work, eager to resume his old life. But as he sat down at his desk, the former hard-driving, multitasker found he couldn’t stay on track. Phone conversations left him overwhelmed, and he was baffled by a computer program he himself had developed.




Forced to abandon his successful, multi-decade law and business career ++, Rob now does volunteer work for 2 non-profit agencies in addition to PostICU, Inc.

He is also a professor of Business Law, working online part-time +++.

Rob earned a BA from Brandeis University in Philosophy and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School. He and his wife now live in Hudson, New Hampshire. 

+ - Boston Globe, April 25, 2020, Surviving ventilators, only to find lives diminished, Amid widespread use for coronavirus, breathing machines’

++ - Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, September 22, 1997, 25 Most Influential Lawyers of Past Quarter Century

+++ - 2020 ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award

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