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Name of Media:

What we know about the long term consequences of getting COVID-19


Andy Larsen

Publisher or Source:

The Salt Lake Tribune

Type of Media:

Newspaper Article

Media Originally for:

General Public

Country of Origin:

United States

Primary Focus of Media:


COVID-19 Related:



Sometimes it seems like every article about the coronavirus is trying to scare you.
That’s especially true for articles about the long-term impacts of COVID-19. They tend to start the same way: introducing you to someone whose life was terrific before the virus and terrible now, due to some unexpected remaining symptom. There’s a transition sentence — “But Chad isn’t alone” — telling you that other people have this happen to them too. Doctors are interviewed about how likely this is, studies are referenced to the degree possible. Finally, the article returns to Chad, who just wishes he hadn’t gone to that get-together where he caught the virus in the first place.

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