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The PostICU is a work in progress. We are collecting media related to Post Intensive Care Syndrome from all available resources.

To make the library easier to search, we have setup a few categories for Advanced Search.

Search by Media Type

  • Newspaper Articles

  • Magazine Articles

  • Videos

  • Charts

  • Diagrams

  • Medical Research

  • PowerPoint

  • Testimonials

  • Medical Journals

  • Statistical Analyses

  • Brochures

  • One-Pagers

  • Medical Professional Education

Search by Who is the Media Created for

  • Former ICU Patients, Their Families & Caregivers

  • Nurses & Other Critical Care Professionals

  • Critical Care Physicians

  • Medical Researchers

  • General Medical Professionals

  • General Public

Search Media Related to COVID-19 as Designated by the Authors

  • Yes

  • No

* This designation does not mean that the media does not relate to COVID-19, rather this designation is as stated by the authors of the media.

For our library to continue to grow, and become a go to resource for anyone interested in learning about Post Intensive Care Syndrome, we invite everyone to submit media that is missing from our library.

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