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Physical therapists can aid COVID-19 patients’ recovery after ICU
Magazine Article
At least half of all patients who survive treatment in an intensive care unit will experience at least one of a triad of problems associated with post-intensive care syndrome, or PICS, and this may be true for people recovering from COVID-19 following ICU care. PICS can manifest as problems with physical function, cognition and mental health, according to a fact sheet from the American Thoracic Society. PICS is a relatively under-recognized issue, despite the fact that it affects a large number of people treated in an ICU, according to Patricia Ohtake, associate professor in the physical therapy program, School of Public Health and Health Professions.
PICS (Post-ICU Syndrome): A Serious Challenge for COVID-19 Survivors
Magazine Article
Even healthcare professionals may not be aware and prepared for a condition called Post-ICU Syndrome (PICS) that can occur in the aftermath of COVID-19. What about those who were hospitalized for COVID-19, treated in ICU, and are unaware of the possible long-term impact and rehabilitation phase? There is a tendency to think that once the patient is discharged from the hospital, has tested negative, and looks well, the problem is resolved. However, the struggle of COVID-19 survivors and family members or caregivers may not end there.
Post- intensive Care Syndrome-what SNFs need to know
Magazine Article
The COVID-19 patients may be flooding some hospital systems across our nation presently. However, the reality is they will soon need post-acute rehabilitative care, and we as care providers need to be ready to serve them. Our acute-care counterparts are working tirelessly on improved care and survival rates while also initiating the recovery process. As a result, many post-acute care providers are left asking themselves the following questions: “What is the best practice for treating the COVID-19 patient?” “What are the long-term impacts of the disease?” “What is length of stay of the recovery process going to look like?”
Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital is where very sick patients are treated, and are are sometimes put on a ventilator, or breathing machine, to survive. The illness or injury, and even the treatments you received in the hospital while in the ICU, can often cause health problems that exist long after you have returned home. Recognize the signs and seek help as soon as you can so you can make a more complete recovery. Ask your medical provider if you need guidance finding specialized professionals who can help
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