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The 2013 International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation guidelines for mechanical circulatory support: executive summary


David Feldman, MD, PhD; Salpy V. Pamboukian, MD, MSPH; Jeffrey J. Teuteberg, MD; Emma Birks, MD; Katherine Lietz, MD;Stephanie A. Moore, MD; Jeffrey A. Morgan, MD; Francisco Arabia, MD; Mary E. Bauman, MScN, NP;Hoger W. Buchholz, MD; Mario Deng, MD; Marc L. Dickstein, MD; Aly El-Banayosy, MD; Tonya Elliot, RN, MSN;Daniel J. Goldstein, MD; Kathleen L. Grady, PhD, APN; Kylie Jones, RN; Katarzyna Hryniewicz, MD;Ranjit John, MD; Annemarie Kaan, MCN, RN; Shimon Kusne, MD; Matthias Loebe, MD, PhD;M. Patricia Massicotte, MHSc, MD; Nader Moazami, MD; Paul Mohacsi, MD; Martha Mooney, MD;Thomas Nelson, MD; Francis Pagani, MD; William Perry, RN;EvgenijV.Potapov,MD;J.EduardoRame,MD,MPhil;StuartD.Russell,MD;Erik N. Sorensen, PhD; Benjamin Sun, MD; and Martin Strueber, MD; Abeel A. Mangi, MD; Michael G. Petty, PhD,RN; and Joseph Rogers, MD.

Publisher or Source:

International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation

Type of Media:

Medical Professional Education

Media Originally for:

Critical Care Physicians,Nurses and/or Other Critical Care Medical Professionals

Country of Origin:

United States of America (the)

Primary Focus of Media:

Pre-Use of PICS Designation

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Mechanical circulatory support (MSC) has made tremendous progress in the past 15 years as thousands of patients worldwide have undergone implantation of long-term MSC devices (MCSDs). Currently, management of patients with MCSDs has been guided by individual clinicians and centre-specific protocols. Short-term success with MCS therapy largely depends on patient selection, surgical technique, and post-operative management. Long-term success depends on physician and patient engagement in care of their device and personal health.

These International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation guidelines address the following areas:

patient selection for permanent pump implantation

mechanisms that are important for patient optimisation prior to device implantation

intraoperative considerations and immediate post-operative care in the intensive care unit (ICU) setting

inpatient management during the post-operative phase, once the patient is out of the ICU through discharge, and during re-admission to the hospital

long-term outpatient care of  the MCS patient using a multidisciplinary approach

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