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Why 'presumed recovered' doesn't mean you're done with the coronavirus


Emily Woodruff

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Houma Courier

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Newspaper Article

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General Public

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United States of America (the)

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Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)

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Dr. Shaban Faruqui, strapped into a gurney, rolled down the hallway five months ago at Baton Rouge General Medical Center to cheers and applause from the hospital's employees.

It was May 18, two months after he was hospitalized with the coronavirus. As the former chief of gastroenterology at the hospital, everyone had been rooting for him.

He had survived the worst of it and was going home. To a wife of 45 years, to three daughters and four grandchildren who had hung paintings of hearts and sunny skies on the walls of his Baton Rouge home to greet him.

When he arrived home in the ambulance, Faruqui's fingers fluttered with urgency when he saw his wife. She grabbed his hand. A doctor herself, she would oversee his care as he recovered.

That day marked what the Faruqui family thought would be the end of a long struggle with the coronavirus.

It wasn't.

What they didn't realize then, and what is becoming clear to some other coronavirus patients and their families, is that the fight for survival doesn't end when a patient leaves the hospital.

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