PostICU, Inc. Opens for Business

It''s time for former ICU patients, their family and friends who have been impacted by PICS, to form a group comprised of as many former ICU patients, their families and everyone else that understands the toll that PICS has been taken upon themselves and millions of people, in the United States, and across the Globe.


Critical care medical professionals and the medical care community have known about the symptoms caused by PICS for well over 20 years, yet they do not inform former ICU patients to be wary of these symptoms, leaving it up to patients and their caregivers in the position of having to struggle with PICS symptoms, not knowing why the symptoms are occurring or how to find proper medical care and other types of assistance required by PICS sufferers and their loved ones.

That, in a nut shell, is why the burden of getting the word out about PICS to the millions of PICS sufferers rests upon the shoulders of those of us who have fortuitously discovered information about PICS.

If you have learned about PICS, it was likely the result of finding one of the few medical professional who understands PICS, or simply by happenstance (for example, from the sister of a critical care physician, as I did) or you happened upon a PICS related news story or website and had a "uh ha" moment.

It is reasonable for us to assume that the critical care industry is not going to change the way they address PICS head-on, by informing and following up with former ICU patients. Therefore, we need to step up and as a unified front, make some noise about PICS.

PostICU, Inc. a nonprofit corporation, founded by two PICS suffers and their spouses was setup to reach out to everyone, across the planet, that has PICS symptoms or knows someone who does.

Our mission calls for us to create a coalition of stakeholders in the fight to make PICS a top priority agenda item for critical care professionals and every hospital with an intensive care unit.

We will gather strength as our membership ranks grow. As a large group, we will earn the clout needed to make our voices heard by those who can effect change.

Our primary goals are to:

1. Persuade the critical care community that it is their responsibility to inform all ICU patients, and their caregivers and family members, prior to discharge from the hospital, that it is, likely that the patient will suffer from one or more PICS smptoms and that caregivers and family may suffer from PICS-F symptoms.

2. Provide their patients, caregivers and family members, with literature about PICS, inclusive of information about resources in their community to help their patients and the patients' caregivers and family members:

A. What to do should symptoms arise; and,

B. Where to go, to find proper care.

3. Do the same, as 1. and 2. above, for all former ICU patients that were in their care in the past 3 to 5 years, through phone calls, emails and other such means of communication

4. If no such care exists in the community, then the hospital should:

A. Provide the medical care required to treat PICS and PICS-F sufferers; and,

B. Advocate on behalf of their patients that physicians with hospital privileges include such care as part of their practices offerings.

4. Advocate, along with us, that health insurance coverage must recognize, include and cover all PICS related medical care.

We believe that the upfront cost for our proposed programs, despite their cost, will, in the long run, result in greatly improving the lives of PICS and PICS-F sufferers and save money on long term medical care for former ICU patients.

Given that based upon unrefuted medical research and studies + simple math, tens of millions of Americans and countless others around the world suffer from PICS or PICS-F.

Given that incredible number, PostICU encourages the tens of millions of people described above to join PostICU for free, because if you do, you can play an integral role in our movement to repair a brutally obvious failure by the medical industry's to implement our recommended solutions, proven to be necessary by their own research, flowing from study after study, about the need to address the explosion of PICS' sufferers being discharged from the thousands of ICUs in every country every minute of every day..


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